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Design & Technology


Our vision for DT is: 

  • For all children to learn and embed skills in designing, making and evaluating through the delivery of an inclusive, rich, broad and balanced curriculum. 

  • For all children to understand their world by being able to choose and explore different structures and mechanisms which enhance their personal creativity and imagination.  

  • For all children to be curious about the world around them and how they can apply gained knowledge to their understanding of DT. 


To achieve this, in line with the National Curriculum, we have developed a progressive design and technology curriculum for the whole school which supports children in making cross-curricular links and offers opportunities for them to embed the skills they are learning. 


At South Camberley, DT is taught using a fully immersive approach which ignites curiosity and offers opportunities for exploration, design, implementation and evaluation. Each year group learn these skills progressively and build on their previous knowledge from the year before. Within this curriculum, children are also taught food hygiene, safe food preparation, seasonality, healthy eating and how to follow a recipe to gain an end result, such as pizzas, soup, smoothies and sandwiches. Given these opportunities to think creatively and refine their skills logically, they are transformed into architects, builders, engineers, mechanics, chefs and electricians!  

Working collaboratively as part of a team towards an outcome offers our pupils vital opportunities to connect with one another in different ways and to develop essential skills in problem solving and key behaviours, such as social skills and active participation. 

Our carefully designed DT curriculum creates links with other subjects and themes, including geography, science, history and computing because we know that creating connections supports children in knowing more and remembering more so that these skills can be used for life. For example, pupils learning about forces through a science topic become engineers by researching theme park rides, learning about mechanisms and pulley systems, such as a mini guillotine.   Using some of our exciting technology at school, we can further bring this to life for our pupils so that the learning is further embedded. 


Here at South Camberley, we are passionate about children’s lives being enriched with memorable experiences and to make these possible, we will be holding fundraising events to help support and action these trips and activities. 


We share exciting displays of our children’s passion for design technology across our three sites by holding a gallery that exhibits all the children’s hard work. We award our pupils endeavour in Design Technology so that we can celebrate together as a school and with our pupils’ families. 


Our diverse and enriching curriculum ensures that children leaving South Camberley and moving to secondary school are equipped with culture, diverse outlooks, real-life values and technological application. By the end of Year 6, learners will have had memorable experiences, developed more varied ways to express themselves and know how to apply the skills they have learnt on their journey throughout primary school.