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At South Camberley Nursery and Primary, Physical Education is a hugely important and integral part of the curriculum and wider school life. High-quality PE and Sport has a powerful impact on the all-round development of young people as it boosts achievement, builds essential communication and leadership skills, promotes diversity and inclusiveness and teaches the importance of healthy, active lifestyles. At South Camberley Nursery and Primary, we believe that every child has a right to access high-quality physical education and school sport and our lessons are full of innovative and creative ways of teaching & learning.  

Our PE curriculum is designed and tailored to offer the broadest range of opportunities for all children, promoting physical literacy. Through our teaching programme, we aim to develop coordination, agility, balance, speed of movement, stamina, strength, creativity, imagination, leadership, teamwork and an understanding of strategy and tactics in team games. All children receive a minimum of two hours specific PE sessions every week. 

In PE we widen and deepen the essential knowledge, skills and understanding of learners in a variety of ways. 

  • Children understand the importance of keeping themselves healthy and understand that a healthy lifestyle can help to develop self-esteem and live a positive lifestyle. 
  • During PE lessons, children are taught resilience and teamwork as they work together to develop their skills through self-challenge as well as team games. 
  • Children understand the importance of sportsmanship as all children will have the opportunity to compete in team events against other schools and also inter-school events. 
  • Children are inspired to try new sports and develop their self-belief as everyone is encouraged to try new skills. 
  • Through the vast variety of after-school clubs, children get the opportunity to widen their skillset and to develop their ambition by becoming part of wider teams in the local community. 
  • Children understand that sports aren’t just about an individual but learn to communicate effectively and work together with others. 

Assessment in PE is given the same degree of attention as core subject areas with all children assessed on their attainment and progress every half-term and targets set for next steps development.  


At South Camberley, we ensure our provided equal, inclusive opportunities to participate in a variety of sports through our PE curriculum that is progressive, engaging and fun. We motivate our children through quality first teaching that enables them to develop their fundamental skills and apply them to different activities. 

Our intent for PE is: 

  • To develop strong foundations for all children in Early years in their fundamental movements, fine and gross motor skills. 
  • For all children to be aware of the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle (improve physical fitness, boost self-confidence, build resilience and promote a positive mind-set) 
  • For all children to experience competitive sport and learn how to respond to the feelings associated with winning or losing, by showing respect to their competitors 
  • For all children to learn how to evaluate and recognise their own and others success, comparing performances and applying basic principles of attacking and defending 
  • For all children to be part of an inclusive, enriched, broad and balanced curriculum inspired to engage everyone in a wide range of sports; understanding that we all have unique skills that we can excel at.


In order to fulfil our curriculum intent, ensuring that all children are provided with high quality PE and sport provision, we ensure that all our children receive 2 hours of PE lessons that are both progressive and engaging. This allows all children time to discover, play and spend time on a task when learning a new skill. 

In KS1, pupils will build confidence by developing their fundamental movement skills (running, jumping, throwing and catching), competence, agility, balance, coordination and perform dances using simple movement patterns. At this stage, pupils will be assessed cognitively and socially by beginning to apply skills to different sports, developing simple tactics for attacking and defending and working competitively with in a team environment. 

In KS2, pupils will develop a broader range of skills through different sports developing flexibility, strength, technique, control and balance; related to the fundamental movement skills learnt in KS1. In addition, they will perform dances using a range of movement patterns. 

All lessons are planned to cover the national curriculum themes of athletics, dance, gymnastics, outdoor adventurous activities (OAA) and games (net & wall, invasion, striking and fielding). The curriculum considers the importance of both the breadth and depth of learning by developing key physical skills, cognitive development for decision making and developing a child’s social and emotional wellbeing. To ensure our pupils have high quality physical education we follow a progressive programme of study. This ensures all pupils are assessed as the physical being, the thinker and the behaviour changer (please see link below). 

Spiritual, moral, social and cultural values are cultivated through PE. Pupils are always encouraged to challenge themselves and be confident in their own abilities. Fair play and good sportsmanship are promoted through the School Games Values. Collaborative learning and team building activities assist children with turn taking, listening, communicating, leadership skills and resolving conflicts. Finally, inclusive lessons that challenge and engage everyone ensures all children are working collaboratively regardless of gender, religion or culture. Fundamental British Values are promoted within PE, as all our pupils are encouraged to share ideas and value those of others. Through the involvement in sport and PE, we learn to work together and respect everyone being inclusive of all abilities and cultural backgrounds. We use the School Games Values programme to support SMSC and FBV across our PE curriculum. The School Games Values are key features of our lesson and are also promoted in assemblies and competitions. 

Children participate in a wide range of festivals through our links with Surrey Heath Primary School Sports Association (SHPSSA). In addition to weekly PE lessons, children have access to extra-curricular activities such as football, gymnastics, netball, dodgeball, archery, table tennis and golf. Through this, the children are able to experience a competitive environment in new surroundings which can often build resilience and confidence.  


By the time children leave South Camberley they: 

  1. Are positive and competent in their ability to complete physical challenges, individually and as part of a team 
  2. Have a determined and resilient mindset when completing challenges 
  3. Have a strong understanding of game play and tactical thinking in a variety of different scenarios 
  4. Can make decisions that affect the outcome of a game positively 
  5. Co-operate well with others, as part of a team, when problem-solving 
  6. Understand the importance of fair play, honesty and respect for players, coaches and officials 
  7. Are confident in creating, organising and leading physical activities 
  8. Are able to swim 25 metres and have the skills to self-rescue 

PE, Physical activity and sport in the community

We encourage our children to participate in physical activity and sport outside of school.  Below are some links to local clubs attended by our children and other local clubs children may be interested in attending: