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Pupil Responsibilities

We offer a range of opportunities that help us to develop our pupils. By challenging the pupils and giving them ownership of their school they thrive and make our learning environment unique. The Student Voice system at South Camberley is a developing and important aspect of school life which ensures that pupils have a say in what matters to them the most. 

We all learn together and the following responsibilities enable all pupils to excel  and develop their leadership skills: 

  • House Captains (Year 6) 

  • Learning Councillors 

  • Ambassadors (Years 5 & 6): 

  • Sports Ambassadors (Years 2, 5 & 6) 

  • Maths Ambassadors 

  • Reading Ambassadors 

  • Wellbeing Ambassadors 

  • SCPS News Team (Years 5 & 6) 

To receive a role on one of the pupil voice teams pupils have to write a letter of application. Ambassadors are then chosen by teachers based on applications and Learning Council members are voted in by members of the class. 

House Captains take part in hustings and give presentations to members of their house before being voted in by members of the school. They will help with the leading of various assemblies throughout the year and the running of events and inter-house competitions.  

All members of pupils voice will lead on key events around the school and help to raise money for charity. Some of these events are: Children in Need, Number Day, Anti-Bullying Week and Remembrance.