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TT Rockstars


At South Camberley, we expect all pupils from Year 2 upwards to practise their tables every week at home through Times Tables Rock Stars. We would be so grateful if you could support your child to do this – it's easy, fun and really improves children’s tables fluency. Teachers check each week who is accessing their tables on TTRS and they set new challenges accordingly. 

Play TT Rockstars now!!

We know the vital importance of basic skills in maths in order to make progress in other areas of maths. That’s why we devote so much time to learning our multiplication and division facts!

Here’s a summary of the times tables that your child will learn over the course of the year:


So you can see that by the time children have finished Year 3, they are expected to know all their times tables up to 12 x 12 – forward, backwards and mixed up!

Each week from Year 1 upwards, we teach and practise tables by:

  • Looking for patterns and relationships between them
  • Learning them off by heart through chanting, songs, games
  • Mini tests and quizzes to make sure they can remember them

In Year 4, children have an additional lesson once a week just on times tables as they have a national electronic test later on the year which checks their speed and fluency. Therefore, they need to practise a lot and be super fast. 

Below you can find a helpful Parent Guide from TTRS: