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Accessing Systems from Home

Here at South Camberley the children and staff use a system called Wonde to access web based content. It is an easy to use system that allows children to login in to systems without having to remember lots of different usersnames and password. Instead, they have an emoji password and a Magic Badge. 

When accessing the system from school, our Chromebook devices are set up to point the children towards the sign in screen automatically.

When accessing the system from home children will need to use the link below to sign in...

They can then use there emoji password or magic badge to sign in.


We know that our families will have lots of different devices at home that they use to access the Internet. We suggest, if possible, using one of the following devices along with the Chrome Browser:

  • Chromebook
  • Windows Laptop/Computer
  • Apple Laptop/Computer

We have found that this gives the best chance of accessing our systems without any technical difficulties.

If using a mobile phone or tablet we suggest using the browser on the device and not any apps.

If you are asked for a username when signing in to a Google tool it should be the child's

The app should then pass you on to Wonde where you can enter your child's emoji password or use their magic badge.


As mentioned above, we know that our families have lots of different devices that they might use to connect to the Internet.

If you are having issues connecting to Wonde please try and take a screenshot of the issue and send it to your child's class teacher. They can then send this on to our technical team who can try and help solve the problem.