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Battle of the Books

What is Battle of the Books?

  • Battle of the Books is a reading initiative that we are relaunching across the whole of South Camberley Primary School. 
  • Each child will receive a bookmark that they will need to write their name and class on. 
  • Each bookmark has space for 20 stamps (infants) and 30 stamps (juniors).
  • To receive a stamp, the children must read a book from the Recommended Reading List, complete a writing task and hand it to their teacher.
  • There are a range of writing tasks for children to choose from below: 
    • Book review
    • Character profile 
    • Alternative ending 
    • Write a blurb
    • Describe a setting 
    • Draw and annotate a character with a detailed description 
    • Create a story map
    • Create an alternative front cover 
    • Write the opening chapter of the sequel to the book
  • These pieces of work will then be available for children to read as a recommendation.
  • The children will then be awarded with a stamp on their bookmark.
  • Once they have collected 20 stamps (infants) or 30 stamps (juniors) stamps they will receive a reading badge.

Let the Battle of the Books commence…