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Support & advice for Parents/Carers

Please find below current workshops, webinars and Resources which offer support and Advice for Parents & Carers.

This page is regularly updated.

Frimley Healthier Together

Ahead of winter, selection of videos have been put together about a range of common childhood conditions using Frimley Healthier Together to advise and reassure parents.

With the seasons changing, be ready for what to do if your child experiences symptoms like a cough, cold, rash or vomiting. Be reassured by our healthcare professionals who offer advice to support the children and young people in our communities this autumn and winter.

Why have we produced these materials?

We are seeing an increase of babies, children and young people presenting at A&E and the GP with common childhood illnesses, which often can be managed safely at home with self-care. The videos cover:

  • Coughs and colds · Infant / baby feeding concerns
  • Rashes · Infant / baby crying worries
  • Head injury · Mental Health
  • Vomiting

Within each video, our NHS healthcare professionals advise how a parent, carer or young person can identify when symptoms mean they need to seek medical guidance, and where best to access this.

Parents, carers, and young people can also also now access concise NHS traffic light guidance on a range of childhood illnesses by downloading the Frimley Healthier Together App.

The app provides advice on what 'red-flag' signs to look out for, where to seek help if required, what to do to keep a child comfortable and how long a child's symptoms are likely to last, with push notifications to the registered phone to prompt monitoring of the condition against Red and Amber symptoms.

Complimentary to the Frimley Healthier Together website, the app can be download today from your app store of choice.

Current Webinars

Please see details below of webinars you can attend:

Supporting your Primary Aged Child with Anxiety (2-part webinar) 

  • Part 2: Managing Anxiety 
  • Strategies for supporting resilience 
  • Learning to fail 
  • Creating opportunities for expression 
  • Pillars of self esteem 
  • Who is on my team 
  • Supporting parent’s wellbeing 

Supporting your Child with the Transition to Secondary School 

Thursday 23rd March 19.00-20.00 register here  

  • Focusing on resilience 
  • The resilience framework 
  • Growth mindset 
  • Friendship worries 
  • Organisation 
  • Helping your child know their strengths 

Parent Mental Health Day 27th January

To see the full balance pack please click the attachment at the bottom of the page.

Working to Reduce Parental Conflict in Surrey. As the lead for the Early Help Partnerships Service in Surrey our team aim to support you with what is a growing concern for professionals working with Surrey Families. We would like to welcome you to our first Newsletter for the Reducing parenting Conflict (RPC) work happening in Surrey. We hope you find this a helpful resource which outlines the aims for this work and all the latest updates and news about events in one place. Surrey’s aims are to reduce the impact of parental conflict on children and for reducing parental conflict  to become part of everyday practice for professionals, growing alongside the use of RPC tools into an approach that will help support families to build positive relationships in every aspect of their lives. We believe that by embedding both support and resources for RPC into local services we can help families to develop, progress and thrive. To read the full newsletter please see attachment at the bottom of this page. 

One Plus One

Surrey have purchased access to three online resources that have been developed by One Plus One to help parents understand the impact of their arguments on their children, and learn techniques to communicate better, handle stress, and manage conflict more constructive. The three resources are:

  • Me, You and Baby Too
  • Arguing better
  • Getting it Right for Children

One plus One combine the online recourses with a training programme for those practitioners working to support families, which offers a toolkit of support that empowers people with the skills and confidence they need to do things differently. The sessions aim to enhance practitioner knowledge, understanding, skills, and confidence to work with parents. By the end of the training practitioners will be able to:

  • Raise parents’ awareness of the issue of parental conflict.
  • Use digital resources to help parents recognise conflict.
  • Enable parents to develop positive communication skills and helpful conflict behaviours.

Read more about the One Plus One online resources: here you can also find a parent log in guide at the bottom of this page.

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