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Well-being for your whole family during this time of uncertainty and worry can be a real challenge. We have put together this list of things you could try to support you all in feeling a little brighter.

Each Wednesday, Andy Cope, aka Art of Brilliance, is releasing a video linked to lessons in wellbeing and resilience. A great resource for children of all ages - the videos are embedded below!


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Spend a little time outside! 

The government has deemed that one hour of exercise outdoors is appropriate during this time.

  • Do: try to visit spaces where there is plenty of space so that you are not around too many people.
  • Do: enjoy a family walk and explore a part of Camberley you may not have visited on foot.
  • Do: take bikes, skateboards and scooters on your adventure.
  • Do: leave public spaces where you feel you are not able to practice social distancing.
  • Do: Make the most of your garden, if you have one.
  • Do not: arrange to meet friends or family in these spaces.

Be creative with your indoor space! 

It may feel like there will never be enough space to keep everyone in your home entertained but there are some simple activities which you can all try to keep your spirits high.

  • Do: Have a dance party. Children can create a playlist of songs they enjoy to dance to. If you feel really adventurous, turn down the lights, get dressed up and have a family disco.
  • Do: Play hide and seek.
  • Do: Encourage some living room gymnastics (remove any breakables first!) Do: Enjoy some traditional party games, such as Statues and Duck Duck Goose
  • Do: Try some online exercise videos or YouTube channels
  • Do not: Invite children from other households to join you.

Keep your brains active! 

It’s important to remember that our bodies are not the only things which need to be given opportunities to exercise – our brains need to be stimulated in different ways too!

  • Do: Play board games together
  • Do: Build construction toys such as Lego or K’nex
  • Do: Enjoy doing puzzles together
  • Do: Try online crosswords or word searches
  • Do: Try baking things you might not usually make. Instead of cakes, why not try to make a pie together?
  • Do: Use what you have around you. Who can build the tallest tower from your recycling?
  • Do: Learn a new skill. There are SO many tutorials online for many different weird and wonderful activities, such as sign language, drawing cartoon characters, calligraphy writing, how to master the perfect handstand…

Enjoy your imaginations! 

These might be stressful times but when many grown ups were children, we didn’t have technology and had to use our imaginations - perhaps more than we do nowadays. This is a great opportunity to unleash our creativity!

  • Do: Build forts and spend time inside them telling weird and wonderful stories!
  • Do: Make a meal suitable for your children’s favourite characters…what about trying ‘green eggs and ham?’
  • Do: Make up silly lyrics for your favourite songs.
  • Do: Make mud pies with disgusting ingredients in your garden.
  • Do: Collect leaves, petals, twigs on your walks and make pictures with them.
  • Do: Cut up leaflets and make collages together.

For Mums and Dads: Accept that you are all doing the best you can! 

We know that this is tough. We know that children can challenge us in ways we never imagined. We know that spending so much time in a confined space is draining. We know because we are all in this together and experiencing the challenges together!

  • Do: Get plenty of sleep.
  • Do: Drink water, lots of it.
  • Do: Count your blessings together.
  • Do: Get the children involved in chores – this might be the perfect opportunity for them to learn to make their beds, help with folding and putting away laundry, learn to do the washing up, feed the cats, make the perfect cup of tea…
  • Do not: Feel guilty for allowing more screen time than normal.
  • Do not: Try to do more than you are capable of. It will only make you more stressed.
  • Do: Take a little time for yourselves.
  • Do: Eat biscuits.


Here is a list of online parenting support that is also available: