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South Camberley Primary & Nursery School

South Camberley

Primary & Nursery School

Google Classroom FAQ

1. Can I use Google Classroom on an iPad?

Yes, you can use Google Classroom on an iPad. There are sometimes some difficulties with inputting answers but downloading the Google Docs app should assist with that.  If problems persist, pupils can complete answers in their red exercise book and just click the 'Mark as Done' button to show their class teacher that is where they have created it.


2. I am being asked for a password to access Google, what do I do?

Pupils need to login through the Wonde website ( to access Google Classroom. Any personal Google accounts that are logged in on devices that the pupils will use will need to be logged out as otherwise Wonde cannot log the children in.


3. I'm having problems with the Wonde page not loading correctly.

Download and install Google Chrome install Google Chrome.


4. The document attached to the lesson is not letting me edit it.

Check the instructions that the class teacher has given for the lesson. If you think that you should be able to input text to the document and it is not allowing you, contact the school office who will inform your child's class teacher.