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South Camberley Primary & Nursery School

South Camberley

Primary & Nursery School

Whole School Communications

Please use the links below to download the most recent whole school letters.

  1. Return to School September 2020 Letter.PDF File

  2. COVID Reopening 4 June 2020.PDF File

  3. Home School Agreement for children attending during COVID-19 June 2020.PDF File

  4. EEEA CEO Letter to Parents 31 May 2020.PDF File

  5. SCC Letter to Parent and Carers 19 May 2020.PDF File

  6. Return to School Update Letter 15 May 2020.PDF File

  7. Planning for Possible Re-Opening May 2020.PDF File

  8. Key Worker Letter May 2020.PDF File

  9. Key Worker Form May 2020.DOCX File

  10. Schools Update 11 May 2020.PDF File

  11. Online Safety Letter May 2020.PDF File

  12. VE Day Letter April 2020.PDF File

  13. Home Learning Website Letter 27 April 2020.PDF File

  14. Home Learning Summer Term & Welcome Letter April 2020.PDF File

  15. Welcome to Summer Term Letter for Children Apr 2020.PDF File

  16. Covid 19 Advice for Parents when Child Unwell or Injured Poster.PDF File

  17. Surrey County Council letter to Parents 2 April 2020.PDF File

  18. Coronavirus Update for Key Workers 20 March 2020.PDF File

  19. Coronavirus Update for Key Workers 19 March 2020.PDF File

  20. Coronavirus Update for Parents 19 March.PDF File

  21. Coronavirus Update for Parents 18 March 2020.PDF File

  22. FOSC Letter 17 March 2020.PDF File

  23. Coronavirus Update for Parents Tuesday 17 March 2020.PDF File

  24. Coronavirus Update for Parents 16 March 2020.PDF File

  25. Attendance Letter March 2020.PDF File

  26. Coronavirus Advice 3.3.2020.PDF File

  27. Public Health Letter Re COVID-19 27 Feb 2020.PDF File

  28. World Book Day Letter 5 March 2020.PDF File

  29. Battle of Books Jan 2020.PDF File

  30. Online Safety Poster Parent Sessions Jan Feb Mar 2020.PDF File

  31. Parents' Evening Letter Jan 2020.PDF File

  32. Parent Guide - Spring Term Parents' Evening - February 2020.PDF File

  33. Clubs Spring Term 2019.PDF File

  34. FOSC Christmas Fair Prize Winners 2019.PDF File

  35. Xmas Jumper Day Friday 13th December 2019.PDF File

  36. SCPNS Term Dates for 2020-2021.PDF File

  37. Christmas Dates 2019.PDF File

  38. Surrey Heath Schools Christmas Concert Flyer 7 December 2019.PDF File

  39. Parent Questionnaire Letter with link October 2019.PDF File

  40. American Style Menu Thursday 3rd October 2019.PDF File

  41. Parents' Evening Letter October 2019.PDF File

  42. Parent Guide - Autumn Term Parents' Evening - October 2019.PDF File