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South Camberley Primary & Nursery School

South Camberley

Primary & Nursery School

Whole School Communications

Please use the links below to download the most recent whole school letters.

  1. Return to school information - Sept 2021.PDF File

  2. September Classes 2021.PDF File

  3. Healthy Lunchbox Survey.PDF File

  4. Surrey County Council Letter to Parents and Carers_June 2021.PDF File

  5. A5 Leaflet_Testing_Vaccinating.PDF File

  6. Online Art Gallery letter May 2021.PDF File

  7. Meet the Teacher and Curriculum Letter.PDF File

  8. Last Day of Term Arrangements Letter.PDF File

  9. Surrey CC Safer Travel Team Survey Letter March 2021.PDF File

  10. Surrey County Council Open Letter to Parents and Carers 4 March 2021.PDF File

  11. Digital Drop-ins with Parentzone and Google.PDF File

  12. Neal Zetter and World Book Day Live Sessions Letter.PDF File

  13. Flipping Good Competition Winners Letter.PDF File

  14. World Book Day 2021.PDF File

  15. Upcoming Live Assembly Letter 24 Feb 2021.PDF File

  16. Return to School Letter Feb 21.PDF File

  17. Curriculum Overview Spring 2 Letter.PDF File

  18. Non-Screen Activities Letter Feb 21.PDF File

  19. Non-Screen Time Activities Outdoor Art.PDF File

  20. Non-Screen Time Activities Art & DT.PDF File

  21. Non-Screen Time Activities PE.PDF File

  22. Flipping Good Competition Feb 2021.PDF File

  23. Live Assemblies Letter 5 Feb 2021.PDF File

  24. Childrens Mental Health Assembly Feb 21.PDF File

  25. Safer Internet Day - Parent Session Letter 9 Feb 2021.PDF File

  26. Return to School Plan Letter Feb 2021.PDF File

  27. Parents' Meeting February 2021.PDF File

  28. Parent Guide - Spring Term Parents' Virtual Meeting 2021 - February 2021.PDF File

  29. Parent Guide - How to attend Video Calls.PDF File

  30. Parent Guide - How to invite another parent to join your video call.PDF File

  31. Remote Learning Survey Letter January 2021.PDF File

  32. Surrey Heath Family Centre Parenting Surgery starting 27Jan 2021.PDF File

  33. School Places during Lockdown Letter 12 Jan 2021.PDF File

  34. SCC Letter to All Parents and Carers of Children & Young People 8 January 2021.PDF File

  35. Learning Update Letter 5th January 2021.PDF File

  36. SH Parent Workshop SEND a Smile 12 Jan 2021.PDF File

  37. SH Parent Workshop 4 wk workshops flyer Jan 2021.PDF File

  38. SH Parent Workshop Playful Parenting Feb 2021.PDF File

  39. National Lockdown January 2021.PDF File

  40. Critical Workers & Vulnerable Children Survey - Jan 2021.PDF File

  41. Returning to School January 2021.PDF File

  42. End of Term Clarification Letter Dec 2020.PDF File

  43. Whole School Self Isolation Update 11 December 2020.PDF File

  44. Free Food Stalls Dec 2020.PDF File

  45. Early Closure Dec 2020.PDF File

  46. Pyjama Mufti Day 27 November 2020.PDF File

  47. Now Press Play November 2020.PDF File

  48. Warm Clothing Letter Nov 2020.PDF File

  49. Family Learning Letter Oct 2020.PDF File

  50. Wellbeing Award Letter to Parents Oct 2020.PDF File

  51. Parents' Evening Letter October 2020.PDF File

  52. Parent Guide - Autumn Term Parents' Evening October 2020.PDF File

  53. Parent Guide - How to attend Video Calls (Parents' Evening).PDF File

  54. COVID - What do I do if ... COVID Quick Reference.PDF File

  55. COVID advice.PDF File