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PE at South Camberley Primary is an integral part of the curriculum that supports the development of the whole child.  All children receive two hours of PE per week where we encourage our children to actively engage and follow the schools PURE Principles (Positivity, Urgency, Resilience and Equity) to foster well rounded athletes. South Camberley is comprised of three sites, served by two full time specialist PE teachers in addition to the support of an external provider to provide high quality, personable lessons.  Through making effective use of our Sports Premium we offer a wide range of activities and sports to be accessed within PE lesson time in addition to clubs, which allows every student to deepen their interest and engagement within sport.

Early Years

Within Nursey and Reception children will have one taught lesson of PE per week focusing on the development of fundamental motor skills taught within fun, high engagement activities.  Children have continual access to a range of equipment and apparatus during play times in addition to physical activities taught alongside their academic curriculum.


Within Years 1 and 2 children will undertake two taught lessons of PE per week. Key Stage 1 children will further develop their fundamental skills, whilst developing important life skills such as teamwork and communication within their lessons.  At KS1 children will begin to develop their understanding of how their body moves through dance and Gymnastics.  KS1 children will focus on the development of ball skills, hitting and striking activities as well as fostering a competitive spirit, initially based upon reaching personal bests as opposed to facing an opponent.


Children in Years 3 to 6 will undertake six weeks of swimming lessons run by Fins Swimming School at Kings International College.  Within these lessons children gain confidence in the water and learn valuable skills such as self and assisted rescuing.  To support children with achieving the national standard of swimming 25m, we make use of our Sports Premium to provide additional swimming lessons to ensure they reach the expected standard.

Within PE children will have two lessons each week which alternate between two sports to keep children engaged and motivated, ensuring they experience a broad and balanced curriculum to cater for all children. Within the academic year all children will participate in one lesson of gymnastics or dance per week, followed by a second lesson focused on a mainstream or alternative sport.

Year 3 and 4 children will experience a wide range of mainstream and alternative sports, such as archery, dodgeball and ultimate frisbee.  We hope by offering a wide curriculum children will develop a passion for at least one sport to pursue into later life.  Within this Key Stage children will develop and apply a range of skills required to excel within each sport.

Year 5 children access more alternative sports, more suited to their ability, such as table tennis and golf. Within Year 5, children will develop their understanding of the game through learning and adhering to the rules more rigorously, so much so we encourage children to umpire within lesson time.

Year 6 lessons move away from the development of skills and employ a tactical focus for each sport.  Within Year 6 children can promote the value of PE through becoming a Sports Ambassador, a role which allows children to organise and execute play activities for the younger years.

Within Key Stage 2 children will be assessed on their performance within each sport. We believe this is highly effective to monitor progress within a sport and allow the children to understand ways in which to improve.

Outdoor Learning and adventurous activities

South Camberley recognises the importance of supplementing children’s learning through using the outdoors. KS1 and KS2 children are offered one lesson per week of Outdoor Education. Children follow a bespoke curriculum, undertaking the following topics throughout the academic year; Team Building Activities, Orienteering, Environmental Studies, Weather and Climate, Forest School Skills. We look to develop our Outdoor Education areas across the three sites and intend this to be a focal place where children will foster a passion to learn, explore and play.  


South Camberley is part of the Surrey Heath Primary School Sports Association (SHPSSA).  This Association allows a variety of children to participate in school sport once a week throughout the sporting year.  South Camberley boasts a number of clubs hosted by PE specialists, external providers and teachers.  These sports and activities include football, netball, dodgeball, archery, table tennis, curling and golf.

For the Future

Within the future South Camberley Primary looks to foster competition through developing inter- house tournaments, where every student will contribute within their year group across a number of sports.  Developments are in place to become a more active school. We will look at alternative activities which can be performed within lesson times and playtimes to encourage our children to realise the merits of being physically active and healthy.  Moving away from SHPSSA, the school looks to organise a tri-tournament and host competitions with other schools in the Trust, in table tennis and archery. The department is active in sourcing external providers to offer more alternative sports in lesson time and clubs.  Sports such as trampolining, fencing, water polo and ultimate frisbee may be on offer.

Sport Funding

The Government is providing funding of £150 million to schools specifically to improve the Physical Education (P.E) and Sports programs offered by primary schools. The sport funding can only be spent on sport and PE provision with an aim to improve standards and provide children with further opportunities for sport throughout the primary phase.  South Camberley Primary and Nursery School receive £21,590 Sport Funding for 2019/20.  Please see the link on the right for the plan to spend this funding.