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Equality Objectives

South Camberley Primary and Nursery School aims to meet its obligations under the public sector equality duty by having due regard to the need to:

  • eliminate discrimination and other conduct that is prohibited by the Equality Act 2010;
  • advance equality of opportunity between people who share a protected characteristic and people who do not share it; and
  • foster good relations across all characteristics – between people who share a protected characteristic and people who do not share it.

The school intends to:

narrow the gap in progress and attainment for children with protected characteristics as set out in the equality act 

  • Termly data analysis of every child, which feeds into action plans, designed to close the gap
  • Gaps in progress between different groups will diminish
  • High quality, inclusive teaching aimed at increasing all children’s access to the curriculum
  • Rigorous planning and assessment used on a daily basis used to ensure all children are achieving

develop a broad and balanced curriculum that is relevant, engages the school community and centres around the most vulnerable children 

  • Cornerstones used to supplement a broad and engaging curriculum with rich and diverse quality texts driving the quality of our curriculum
  • Introduction of ‘Outdoor Learning’ to incorporate the learning of different skills and traditions from different cultures around the world and our local community
  • Curriculum content contributes to the appreciation of cultural diversity, and challenges prejudice, bias and stereotype
  • All pupils have access to the full curriculum and no one group is overrepresented in vocational routes or disapplied from the National Curriculum
  • Curriculum leads are up to date with all cultural developments, and these are fed into the curriculum where relevant
  • English lead ensures that the literature available for children to read include an array of fiction and non-fiction texts from different cultures and countries
  • Vulnerable groups’ cultural capital and access to equal opportunities play a central role in planning and curriculum creation.

create a positive, inclusive atmosphere based on respect for people's differences, and show commitment to challenging and preventing discrimination, in particular those with protected characteristics 

  • The criteria and terms of offering a place at school follow SCC Admissions guidelines
  • All children, regardless of need, are taught in the classroom and the curriculum and planning ensures all children have access to and can participate in all lessons
  • The staff profile represents the diversity of British society
  • The Local Advisory Committee reflects the communities it serves
  • The curriculum provides opportunities for children to experience, first hand, the teachings of other cultures and backgrounds
  • Our staff body exhibits many different skills from different racial groups and cultures – these are respectfully utilised to develop stronger links with families and our local communities.

eliminate discrimination by developing common values of citizenship based on dialogue, mutual respect and acceptance of diversity

  • The curriculum provides pupils with opportunities to learn about and become involved in the life of their communities
  • The behaviour policy and systems reflect the commitment to developing well-being, mutual respect and acceptance of diversity
  • All staff and members of the Local Advisory Committee have the knowledge and understanding to provide opportunities to develop the teaching of our PURE principles and behaviour certainties whilst linking these to opportunities to develop common values of citizenship based on dialogue, mutual respect and the acceptance of diversity.