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Childcare provided by CASA Clubs

The school offers a range of free internal teacher led clubs  as well as externally provided clubs (see the Clubs section under the Curriculum tab) and care.

Our Wraparound Care provider is CASA Clubs. Please register now if you think you might need to use CASA Clubs in the future : 01252 727000

Nursery – At our France Hill Drive site our Nursery children can attend after school club provided by Casa Club our Wrap-Around Care provider, this runs until 6:00pm each day. 

There is not currently a provision for Nursery children at our James Road site. 

Reception - For our James Road children Casa Club provide a breakfast club from 7:30am in the morning until school starts at our Junior site. We run a ‘walking bus' system from our Junior site to the James Road site and children are then taken to class. 

Casa Club also provide an after school club at our France Hill drive site which finishes at 6:00pm each day, and our James Road children can attend after-school club at our Junior site which is again facilitated by a walking bus from our James Road site.