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South Camberley Primary & Nursery School

South Camberley

Primary & Nursery School

Year 6 Residential - Day 4

Another peaceful morning today with children enjoying resting and sleeping in. The children have been filling their plates each morning and we have all been impressed to see that no food has gone to waste but unsurprised as the Land and Wave instructors are keeping them very busy!

Varied activities this morning included pioneering as well as the final groups taking part in paddle boarding, jumbo paddle boarding and raft building. The afternoon has consisted of coasteering and team building and the weather has continued to be fantastic - we really have been lucky. Some of the children's raft building has been so great that they have challenged other schools completing activities with Land and Wave to a raft race... and won!

We have been giving regular reminders to the children about ensuring they drink lots of water and continue to apply sun cream - particularly when we have been in and out of the water so much.

All of the activity groups have had the opportunity to be paired with each other for different activities throughout the week and this has ensured that at some point in the week each child will have come into contact with every other child on the trip. Seeing this and how well all of the children have participated, included others and developed friendships that they perhaps did not have prior to this trip has been a real privilege. 

During the free time throughout the week - mainly between our afternoon and evening activities which includes eating dinner - the children have had the opportunity to practise an important life skill - independence. Whilst we are always on hand should the necessity arise, the children have been able to play pool, sports outside or just relax with their friends in the sun - playing cards or chatting as they please. Apart from arriving en masse at the gift shop on the first day(!) these opportunities have shown the maturity levels that we have within the year group and reminded us all of the fact that shortly they will be taking their next big leap into secondary school which although scary we know that they are ready for.

The disco has once again been a roaring success and the children were pleased to see the instructors that the have known throughout the week at the disco for their evening activity. 

Following our final morning activities tomorrow the pupils will eat their lunch and we will then make our way back to South Camberley. We will send a text with our estimated arrival time when we leave and if we encounter any travel issues will keep you updated. The children are looking forward to seeing you all again later tomorrow!

Photos taken from each day are being uploaded to our Photo Gallery section of the website.