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Year 6

Science Morning on 21st May

Slime - The children made slime using cornflour, water and food colouring.  When mixed it makes a gooey, slimy ooze!

Hoop Gliders - It is claimed that hoop gliders can go further than paper aeroplanes.  We tested both and found, under the right conditions, that this was the case.

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Year 6 Residential Trip

The children had a fantastic time on their Year 6 residential at Avon Tyrrell during the last week last half term.  Fortunately, the weather was very kind to us and we only got wet once (apart from those who capsized during kayaking!).  Throughout the week the children participated in: archery, kayaking, raft building, climbing, zip wiring, canoeing, bush craft and lots more.  The cabins were very comfortable and the children were perfectly behaved throughout the whole trip.  We were amazed (but not surprised) about how easy it was for everyone to fall asleep.  However, getting up in the mornings was quite a challenge

Democracy Day

Children in Year 6 held a democracy day and invited their parents to come and see them campaign. The campaigns were based on changes that the children would like to make to their school.The children created posters, leaflets, set up stalls and gave persuasive speeches to the parents. At the end, the parents had to cast their votes as to who the winning team would be.

The British Museum Trip

Year 6 have had a fantastic start to the autumn term and are now well into their topic ‘The Groovy Greeks’. They have already visited the British Museum where they had a fantastic day observing some of the Greek artefacts and completing a workshop on Greek myths.

Since returning from the British Museum, the children have thoroughly enjoyed creating and writing their very own Greek myths.

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