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Year 5

Topic finale open afternoon

As the grand finale to our Space Topic we painted abstract space pictures in the style of Peter Thorpe. We were delighted to have some parent helpers as the detail on our pictures took ages to paint.

Astrodome Day! 

On Tuesday 9th November 2016, Year 5 had a visit from Astrodome!  He showed us the stars and galaxies. It was very dark because he turned all of the lights off.  When we looked up we could see the stars plus even some shooting stars and some constellations, this was my favourite part. The astrodome was here because were learning about space. All of year 5 agreed it was amazing! 

By Maisie in Peake Class


In Year 5 our topic is Space. The children have been working hard during DT to make a rocket which will fly, and a parachute which will allow the rocket to land safely. What a great job they have done!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5