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Year 5

Our visit to Teddington Lock

Year 5 visited Teddington Lock on the 9th, 10th and 11th May as part of our topic, From Source to Sea.  Teddington is especially interesting because it is the point where the Thames meets the sea!


We completed several field studies and undertook investigations.  We tested the PH of the River Thames and considered how this impacts its suitability as a habitat.  We also tested the filtration of the rocks and soils found in the river. 


Learning how boats travel up the River Thames was great fun and very informative.  We observed a lock being used by a boat and were able to understand how the staggered step system of a lock works by ensuring that the water levels on both sides of the lock are equal before a boat can safely pass through.  

Making a river!

To help us understand more about a river’s journey from source to sea, we built our own rivers!  We added different river features and tested their success by pouring water from our ‘source’ and observing its journey throughout the landscapes we had designed.  

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Green fingered scientists!

Year 5 are learning about reproduction in plants, both sexually and asexually.   We have set up an investigation to find out which of these forms of asexual reproduction is most effective and will be observing the results over the coming weeks:
stem cutting, root cutting, tuber, corm or bulb

We are also preparing our courtyard to become a vegetable patch where we can observe the growth of our own plants and eventually enjoy eating them together.  It’s been hard work to prepare the soil but we’re really enjoying the challenge and look forward to reviving the courtyard for us to enjoy in the summer months.

Next, we will compare the life cycles of flowering and non-flowering plants!


On Wednesday 2nd March, Year 5 blasted off and flew the Universe with Astrodome Planetarium! 

We entered through the secret door and the wonders of the galaxy were revealed to us on the walls of the dome! 

We searched for stars, constellations, planets and meteors, whilst learning even more about the Solar System as we went.

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The Day ‘It’ Came

A cryptic letter was delivered by Mrs Kershaw to all classes this morning, detailing strange events at Redwood which are under investigation.  Miss Croombs gave Year 5 permission to support Mr Osborne in gathering evidence to provide to the authorities.


We discovered that the snack trolley had been ransacked and somebody had eaten a great deal of our food!  We used our skills in inference and deduction to help us work out what torn boxes and leftover raisins might indicate.  Whilst we were exploring possibilities, we discovered a package.  Inside the strangely wrapped package was a beautiful blue stone, unlike anything we would expect to find in our gardens.  It was accompanied by a note which appeared to be written in another language at first.  We eventually discovered that the note was not written in another language, but some letters were written backwards, which made it challenging to read.


We continued our investigations in the gazebo, where we found a glove with room for just three fingers, a large sooty footprint with four toes and a very unusual looking piece of poo.  From this, we have created several theories and we all agree that we are not searching for a human.


Finally, a coned off area of the field contained more of the large footprints.  We measured these and compared them with our own feet to consider the size of the creature we are dealing with.  We estimate it to be at least three times the size of a human!


Watch this space for further updates on the situation…

Home Learning

Year 5 children have been showing their creativity value at home this half term by constructing these incredible projects about space!  

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A personal message from Tim Peake on the International Space Station!
We are learning about Tim Peake, the British astronaut currently aboard the International Space Station.  Our teachers have set up social media accounts for us to use to Tweet our questions and send messages of support to Tim.  This morning, Miss Croombs woke up to a very exciting surprise – Tim has sent us a personal greeting from space!

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Year 5 have been learning about the importance of heraldry in Tudor times. We discovered that the use of family crests or shields was a way to tell people about what your family was like.

We investigated some of the symbols of heraldry and designed our own heraldic shield to represent our families. We then learnt several different sewing stitches, such as chain stitch, blanket stitch and back stitch.


We cut out our own designs from different materials, pinned and sewed them to our shields using our favourite stitches!  We tried hard to follow our design, or adapt it where we needed to. 


Finally, we measured and sawed wood to hang our shield from.  We used sandpaper to ensure the edges were smooth.

Open Afternoon

During open afternoon, Year 5 experimented with water resistance to help us find out what factors might have caused the Mary Rose to sink to the bottom of the Solent. 
We created boats with different weights, portholes and sails to help us work out what might have happened.  We also created waves of different sizes to sink our ships!


We discovered that the most likely cause of the Mary Rose sinking was the portholes not being covered!


Thank you to all the parents who were able to join us for a brilliant afternoon of Science and History!

Science in Year 5

Year 5 have been learning about reversible and irreversible changes in Science, including melting, dissolving, evaporating and burning.


We completed experiments with nails to see which factors would make the nails become rusty.   We were told that moisture and oxygen would make a nail become rusty, but we chose other factors to add to this mixture to see if it made the metal become more/less rusty, or whether it affected the speed at which it became rusty.


We also created an irreversible change by mixing together bicarbonate of soda with vinegar, which creates Carbon Dioxide gas. We were able to fill a balloon with this!  

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Visit to Hampton Court Palace

Year 5 visited Hampton Court Palace on Wednesday 7th October to support their topic, Terrible Tudors.  Each class took part in a tour of the magnificent palace, which included exploring the Great Hall, Henry VIII’s privy kitchens, the Chapel Royal and the extensive grounds.  In addition, children participated in a workshop exploring jobs in King Henry’s court and were each assigned a job of their own, from cook, guard or tailor to Groom of the Stool, which involved wiping the King’s royal posterior!  We had a wonderful time and it was a pleasure to see the awe and wonder upon the children’s faces as we toured this British legacy.

Tudor Maths Investigation

We have been using reasoning and calculations to solve problems in maths.  Here are the instructions we were given for this problem:


King Henry III is arriving at Hever Castle (The Ancestral home of Anne Bolyen) with his Royal Court. The Boleyn family wish to impress The King and plan an enormous banquet in honour of his arrival. Based on information from Royal Officers, the family must decide how much food and entertainment to order for their banquet.  They are extremely busy and need to employ you to help them plan their banquet!


We had to decide how many people would be invited to the banquet – the more people we invited, the more money we got.  However, this meant more calculations!


We were provided with an extensive list of food and entertainment that King Henry and his court might enjoy.  It was our job to produce a plan for the banquet, including the amount it would cost to prove we had stayed within budget.


We focussed our attention on reasoning and making the best choices!  This meant that we had to spot the best deals (there were some ‘dodgy deals’ hidden in the prices!)


Once we had completed our proposal for the royal banquet, we presented it to the Duke of Norfolk and gave reasons for all of our choices.  This was really important because, in addition to the dodgy deals, there were many money saving options for us to choose from, including BOGOF and 3 for 2 deals!

It was vital for us to show the Duke that we had thought about these carefully in our planning so that we could convince him to choose our banquet!

The Terrible Tudors!

We have been learning about how the Tudor family became the rulers of England.  We

re-enacted the Battle of Bosworth to demonstrate how the House of Lancaster defeated the House of York to end the War of the Roses.


Can you spot the Longbow Men, Pikemen, Halberdiers and Knights, who are protecting their king, in our battle formation? 


Can you guess which of us represents the House of York and the House of Lancaster? (clue: look at our clothes!)