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Welcome to Year 4!

Runway's End Activity Centre

Year 4 enjoyed a recent school trip to Runway’s End Activity Centre, where they participated in scaling large climbing walls, team activities and orienteering.  The visit supported their topic, Mighty Mountains, in which they have been learning about the challenges of being a climber.  We were proud of the children for showing the school values at all times, and particularly for taking the opportunity to try something new and scary!


Mighty Mountains

As part of our topic, Mighty Mountains, Year 4 arrived at school to find that they had a life threatening problem to solve.  As they entered the hall, they found an abandoned tent and mountaineering equipment, along with a radio which was sending out an SOS signal.  They leapt into action and thought about what might have happened.  They then thought of useful questions they could ask to help the stranded mountaineers.  So far, we know that the mountaineers were ascending Everest and were hit by an avalanche.  Four of the team are safe, but in danger of hypothermia.  However, two of the team are lost on the mountain.  What will happen next?  That’s for the children to decide as they get creative in their writing!

Exploding Earth


Year 4 completed home learning projects, which challenged them to create fact books, models or cross sections of volcanoes.  Some of the children created models which exploded!  These photographs show their exciting demonstrations. 

Please visit the year 4 corridor to see the other fantastic creations on display.

Year 4 have been learning about how volcanoes are formed.  To help us understand how pressure can build up beneath the earth and cause an eruption, we created eruptions of our own!  As you can see, we had an explosively good time learning about how volcanoes are formed!

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