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Year 4


In maths, year 4 have been focussing on fractions. They have used pizzas to work out equivalent fractions and smarties to find fractions of amounts! Yum!

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Highclere Castle

Year 4 had a fabulous trip to Highclere Castle – the children enjoyed learning all about the building and beautiful grounds. They learnt lots of new, interesting facts in the Egyptian Exhibition and especially enjoyed pretending to be Howard Carter discovering Tutankhamun’s tomb for the first time!

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Mummifying Fish!

On 7th October Year 4 took the opportunity to experience the Ancient Egyptian mummification process. The children were able to gut their mackerel, wash, dry and then enclose the fish inside the ‘tomb’ by covering them in natron.


In 40 days time the children will complete the mummification process.

Enjoy our photos!

In Art we have been excitedly making our clay Canopic jars in preparation for our Fish mummification in a few weeks.

We started by making coil pots and will be sculpting the heads later  this week.


In PE we have been focussing on paired balances and rolls. The children have been working towards performing a sequence of rolls and balances to their classmates.


In our Science we have been enjoying (!) learning about the journey of food from Plate to Poo. Each class has made a 3D junk model of the human digestive system which are proudly displayed in each classroom.


Look out for photos from our Fish Mummification later this term.