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During our Literacy lessons, linked to our Viking topic, we have been imagining dragons!  We used the book, The Incomplete Guide to Dragons by Cressida Cowell as inspiration for our own dragons!  Using expanded noun phrases, we imagined and described dragons using increasingly challenging vocabulary.  Using more varied ways of beginning sentences, such as Interestingly and Furthermore made our writing more interesting for a reader.  We identified synonyms and used them to improve our writing, alongside many of the other skills we have refined this year, such as embedded clauses.


If you are passing by the office, please take a look at the books we have created!  They are entitled: The Dragon Hunter’s Guide to Dragons of the British Isles and contain essential information for the budding dragon hunters of Camberley!


Here are some photographs of the incredible home learning projects we created using our imaginations!

Viking Day

On Thursday 7th May, Year 4 were raided by a Viking Warrior named Hrothgar!
We all came to school dressed in our finest Viking regalia, where we discovered what it was like to live in the Viking time.
Hrothgar showed us lots of different weapons that Viking warriors used for fighting and hunting – we even had the opportunity to handle them!
Everybody in the year group participated in our two Viking plays, which were hilarious!
Hrothgar even showed us how to create a camping fire using stones and wood so that we wouldn’t starve or freeze!
We found out how to play an old Viking game, which is a bit like chess, although we couldn’t beat Hrothgar!
Our day ended with a mighty feast, which included stews, bread, fruit and porridge. 
Wow – what a fantastic day we had!

Runway's End Visit

Year 4 visited Runway’s End activity centre to learn about the skills it takes to become a mountaineer and adventurer.  We participated in rock climbing, archery, team building tasks and orienteering to help us understand both the thrill of adventure, and the necessity of being able to trust and rely on each other for success.

We had a fantastic time!

Exploding Earth!

Our topic this term is Exploding Earth!  Some of the children made volcanoes which actually explode as part of their home learning project.  We erupted their volcanoes in school - aren't they incredible?

The British Museum

Year 4 had a fantastic day when we visited The British Museum on 2nd October as part of our history topic, Ancient Egypt, as can be seen in our photos below

Art in year 4 - Canopic Jars

In year 4 we have been using clay to make our own Egyptian artefacts.  Every child has made their own Canopic jar (used by the Egyptians to store their internal organs in during the mummification process) using a clay coil pot for the jar and choosing to make one of the Gods' heads for the lid.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Playing Egyptian Board Games

Year 4 wanted to know what the ancient Egyptians did for fun, so we decided to learn how to play some of their favourite games.  We found out how to play the games Senet, Hounds and Jackals and Marbles, then wrote a set of instructions to explain how to play our favourite game.

Did you know that Senet was found inside King Tutankhamen’s tomb?

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

How do you mummify a fish?

Year 4 have been learning about how ancient Egyptians mummified their deceased.  We decided that imagining the past was not enough to help us understand it.  Instead, we decided to mummify a fish to help us write an explanation using causal connectives, such as therefore, consequently and as a result!

Pop into the Year 4 corridor to see some of our finished explanations on display.