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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!

The children had a great time when the author Steve Hartley visited the school.
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Long, long ago ....

This term our history theme Long, Long Ago continues with a focus of Invaders and Settlers.  Children are learning about Celtic and Roman Britain.  We have visited Butser Ancient Farm and will have a visit from a Roman re-enactment group to enhance the children’s learning and bring the topic to life!


Butser Ancient Farm

We hope you enjoy looking at some of our pictures from our visit to Butser and examples of some of the work your children have produced.





The Romans

We will be celebrating the end of our History topic with a fabulous Roman Day led by a Roman Centurion. We are looking forward to seeing everyone dressed up as Roman soldiers, centurions or as a Roman lady or Goddess. All the children will be designing and making a Roman shield too!






Romans invade Redwood!

On Friday 28th March, Year 3 found out about daily life for a Roman soldier when Marcus Augustus the Roman Centurion came to visit.


All the children and staff dressed in Roman costume and enjoyed a Roman feast after being put through their paces as they marched in formation as Roman soldiers, following Latin commands and carrying their Roman shields.


The finale of our Invaders and Settlers topic was an amazing assembly to parents, sharing our writing, art and history, culminating in all the children marching with their Roman shields! The children then took their parents to our Roman museum to share their artefacts.

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