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Timings and Offer/Induction/Home Visits/Admission/Tapestry Online Learning Journal

Timings and Offer

As we are part of the school and a maintained Nursery we run term time only and link in with the main school timings. We offer 15 hours free early education for all our 3 – 4 year old children. Children can begin Nursery once they are 3 years old but you can register your child at any point before then. When places become available we will contact you, usually 6 – 8 weeks before their start date.

Our sessions are:

  Morning            8.55am – 11.55am (3 hours)

Afternoon        12.10pm – 3.10pm (3 hours)


From September 2017, parents who are both working and earning between abour £5,500 and £100,000 each (in the case of a single parent family where the sole parent is working) will be able to access an additional 15 hours free entitlement, over and above their existing 15 free hours (see eligibility criteria here).  These 'Plus 15 Hours' could be taken in school or with a second provider such as a child minder.  Full time Nursery children attend from 8.55am until 3.10pm each day and will need to bring a packed lunch from home to eat at lunch time (see our healthy packed lunch guide here).  They have lunch in a designated area for Nursery only and are supervised by Nursery staff during this time, making the experience both familiar and enjoyable.


South Camberley will be offering a limited number of these 'Plus 15 Hours' places.  Please contact us for further details at


In addition we offer Breakfast Club, After School Care and Holiday Club places for Nursery children.  Please see 'Clubs, Breakfast and After School Care' here.


The Nursery has slightly different start and finish dates to the rest of the school as we home visit new children each term – see the calendar for details.


If you are interested in a Nursery place at our school please contact the office at either Tall Trees or The Orchard campuses to arrange a visit and collect an application form.


Induction/Home Visits/Admission

The Nursery has a thorough and welcoming induction procedure, offering an initial ‘Play and Stay’ session with parents, a Home Visit for every child and a short phased start in small groups. The children, parents and staff get to know each other before full sessions begin, allowing staff the opportunity to set up the environment to meet each child’s needs.  Sessions can be flexible to begin with if parents and staff feel that it is appropriate. Photographs of each child are taken and displayed before they begin so that they are already part of the Nursery as they start.


Nursery admissions are managed by the school. Application forms can be obtained from the campus offices or on our website here.

Children are admitted to Nursery the term after their third birthday, provided there are places. There are four Nursery classes at the school; a morning and afternoon at each Infant campus. There are places for up to 26 children in each class, totalling 104 in the school as a whole.  Full time Nursery places are available for eligible parents whose children will then be a member of both sessions and will stay for lunch.

South Camberley Primary and Nursery School will endeavour to inform applicants of the outcome of their application by letter during the second half of the previous term. We will only allocate Nursery sessions once it has been determined that a place can be offered. If an applicant is offered a place they must confirm acceptance directly with the school by the date stipulated in their offer letter. 

The final decision with regard to admission and the allocation of sessions rests with the Governing Body of the school.

If the Nursery at South Camberley Primary and Nursery School is oversubscribed it will maintain a waiting list.

Admission to our Nursery does not guarantee admission to the Reception class within our school. Applications for Reception must be made on a separate application to the Local Education Authority and be submitted by the statutory deadline in order to be considered.


Tapestry Online Learning Journals

We have recently updated our observation system to an online one which parents can view during the holiday breaks.  Each child has a designated folder on the system in which photographs and written observations are recorded throughout the year.  These are sent 'live' during the school holidays for parents to contribute to and are a wonderful record of the child's learning.  School will require a parental email address to link this to so that they may see their own child's folder.  This new system is planned to continue throughout the Early Years Foundation Stage, into the Reception classes next academic year.


Free Milk and Fruit

The children are offered free fruit and milk each day as part of the snack table.  Milk is provided by Cool Milk once parents have registered with them.