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Service Families

At South Camberley School we appreciate the unsettled nature of service families, with particular relevance to their children’s education.

Our focus is on a smooth induction of service children, at any time during the school year. To aid this process we have implemented an induction programme which ensures close liaison between yourselves as parents and the school staff who will be directly responsible for your child’s education and welfare.

On admission, we will discuss with you the steps involved to help with the smooth transition into school, giving you opportunities to express your expectations and potential concerns for your child.


Perhaps this quote from a Service Family Mum sums up our efforts:

“For Service children life can be quite turbulent, never more so than when starting a new school. When we arrived in the area, South Camberley Primary School made every effort to offer support and stability to our children in their transition to this new school.

As parents we were clearly nervous about how our children would cope with the change of environment, new teachers and new friends, however, I can honestly say that despite our concerns and reservations, we were made to feel as though our children’s education and emotional needs were a priority, and that no question or request was deemed unimportant.

Both our children’s teachers have been outstanding and have developed and nurtured our children’s learning far beyond all expectations we had.”


As you will see from our Expenditure from Pupil Premium, we have several resources in place to benefit the service families in our school.

If you are moving into our area and would like to view the school, please contact us to arrange an appointment to visit any or all of our campuses. 

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