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School Values

Our unique and diverse community teaches children to be responsible and resilient members of society through our core values.

     High Aspirations


Pupils and adults will:

  • want to achieve their very best

  • have great resilience and 'stick with it' until they succeed

  • have a clear idea of where they are going and how to get there

  • overcome the difficult parts

  • have high expectations of themselves and others

  • be quietly confident




Pupils and adults will:

  • not be afraid to take part in new learning situations

  • not be afraid to make mistakes and learn from them

  • be keen to learn something new

  • be able to step outside of their comfort zone

  • be interested in developing themselves

  • be ambitious




Pupils and adults will:

  • have an eagerness for learning

  • enthuse others in their learning

  • contribute to the positive environment around them  

  • be keen to share their learning with others

  • develop a life-long love of learning




Pupils and adults will:

  • try different things

  • look at things in a different way

  • make links to other areas of learning

  • draw on a range of experiences

  • be confident about what they are doing




Pupils and adults will:

  • be interested in the welfare of others

  • be ready to help others

  • care about their environment and the world around them

  • be responsible citizens

  • celebrate the individuality of others

  • respect cultural/social/religious differences




Pupils and adults will:

  • treat each other fairly and with compassion

  • behave considerately towards others

  • be courteous to all

  • be well behaved in all situations

  • look after and care for the immediate environment and the wider world