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July 2016


Dear Parents


We are writing to you following the publishing of the Key Stage 2 SATs results. As many of you will be aware this year our year 6 children have taken the new SATs, which are designed to test a four year curriculum. However, that new curriculum was only introduced two years ago and has presented considerable challenges in that much of the content has had to be interpreted by individual schools without any guidance from government apart from end of year expectations.


The government has set an expected standard and your child will have met the standard or not met the standard. We believe that this measure is not helpful to any of our year 6 children who have been the ‘guinea pigs’ of ill thought out and poorly planned short term education policy. We know that our year 6 children have made good progress and we do not want any child to feel like they have not achieved well. The system needs further work and we are concerned that the children will feel disheartened.


When the results were published on Tuesday 5th July the national average for those pupils that had achieved the standard in reading, writing and mathematics was 53%. The government stated at the start of the year that floor standards were 65%. This gives the false impression that schools are ‘failing their pupils’ and does little for the morale of hard working staff and children. The children have achieved well and the system has failed them.


Schools in Surrey Heath have been graded good or better by Ofsted. Collaborative work between schools and work in pupils books show that the children within our community make good progress.


As local headteachers we believe that this set of data is unreliable, full of inaccuracies and the message it gives our pupils’ is morally wrong.


Our secondary colleagues are well aware of the issues the testing has caused. They asked that we reassure you that the SATs results form only one element of their initial work with your children.


Our school communities have high standards built around the development of the whole child. We invest time and energy into building resilience and independence, unfortunately this new way of assessing will undo some of the good work.


Yours sincerely

All the headteachers from the following schools:

Collingwood College

Connaught Junior School

Crawley Ridge Junior School

Frimley C of E Junior School

Heather Ridge Infant School

Lakeside Primary School

Mytchett Primary School

Pine Ridge and Lorraine

Holly Lodge Primary

St Augustine’s Catholic Primary

Ravenscote Junior School

Sandringham Infant School

Windlesham Infant School

Tomlinscote School

Bagshot Infant School

Cross Farm Infant School

South Camberley Primary

Lightwater Village School

Hammond Junior School

Holy Trinity School

Kings College

The Grove Primary School

St Lawrence Primary School

2016 Results


Key Stage 2 SATs Test Results

Percentage of pupils who met or exceeded the expected standard

  Reading Writing SPaG Maths Combined
Raw Data 55% 61% 61% 61% 41%
Adjusted Figures 61% 62% 62% 63% 45%

We are appealing several reading papers.


Percentage of pupils achieving a high level of attainment at the end of Key Stage 2

Reading Writing Maths
4% 17% 7%


Average 'Scaled Scores' at the end of Key Stage 2

based  upon all eligible pupils where awarded a scaled score



99.7 101


Key Stage 1 SATs Test Results

Percentage of pupils who met or exceeded the expected standard

Reading Writing  Maths Combined
74% 70% 75% 64%



Year 1 Phonics 88%
Year 2 Phonics on retakes 81%
Year 2 Phonics - first timers 51%


Good Level of Development (GLD)

In Year R 80% of our pupils achieved GLD.

2015 Results


Key Stage 2 SATs Test Results


  Level 4+  % Level 5+  %
Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation 69 43
Reading 85 35
Maths 65 33


This school was formed in 2012.  The percentage of Year 6 pupils who made expected progress last year is 97% in reading, 90% in writing and 85% in maths.


Key Stage 1 reported results 2015


  2c+ % 2b+ % 2a+ % 3  %
Reading 90.29 79.61 58.25 32.04
Writing 83.50 64.08 34.95 15.53
Maths 91.26 81.55 43.69 21.36


Year 1 Phonics Check 2015


Percentage of children meeting the expected standard

   2014       2015    Difference
59% 84.9% +25.9%


Percentage of pupils meeting the expected standard compared with the national level 2014

     National 2014           School 2014 vs National School 2015 vs National
74% -15% +10.9%