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Mini Beasts

The children in Reception have been really enjoying our topic about Mini Beasts. We have been observing the changes that take place in caterpillars which we have been looking after in our classrooms. Last week we had a great time learning about mini beast habitats during our year group trip to Painshill Park. We have also been getting creative with lots of different art projects.

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Spring Into Life

We have been very busy in Reception this half term. Our topic, ‘Spring into Life’ has been very exciting. We have been learning about life cycles. The children have planted broad beans and have been looking after them. We read the story of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ and did lots of measuring and comparing the heights of different objects. Each class decided what role play area to create and the children have enjoyed putting these together and learning how to use them.

Role Play

The children have been involved in setting up different role play areas.

One class voted for a pet shop and made cages and pens for the animals.

Other classes set up clinics and hospitals and have been keen to take on caring, nurturing roles.

The children are learning about different roles within a supermarket and shoe shop.


Observational Paintings

We have been learning to make clear observations looking at similarities and differences.

We mixed our own colours and painted pictures of our friends.


We have been learning to compare and describe objects by height and length.

Look at the different activities we have taken part in.

In Reception we have been settling into school life, learning to use lots of new equipment and share with our new friends.


Our topic ‘Traditional Tales’ has been a lot of fun so far. We have painted characters from the stories, taken part in role play and story-telling activities and this week we have even made real Gingerbread men to eat! Yum.