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Governance here at South Camberley Primary and Nursery School

What is the purpose of a Governing Body of a school?  What powers do Governors have?  What do Governors do?  Could you become a Governor?

In 1998 School Standards & Framework Act, Governors’ roles and responsibilities were defined as being to:

“Conduct the school with a view to promoting high standards of educational achievement”

Every child at the school matters to every Governor.  We want them to flourish, to grow and be well prepared for the next stage of their life.  So we focus on standards and school improvement.

The law tells us that Governors have three strands to the role:

  • To provide a strategic view of where the school is going. What are our long term aims, how will we achieve them and how, as Governors, do we know how effective the school is?
  • To act as a critical friend by supporting the school and its work, through monitoring & evaluating the school’s effectiveness in raising standards
  • To ensure accountability

Governors are the “responsible” body and it is our job to be accountable to pupils, their parents and carers and all other stakeholders, for the decisions we make as a Governing Body and for the academic and personal developmental progress our pupils make.  It is also our role as Governors to hold the school to account, on behalf of the stakeholder groups who we are representative members of.

Annual Governance Statement January 2014

We started as a new school in September 2012.  The early objective was to create an outstanding primary school culture where every child succeeds.  We knew that Ofsted would give us an objective report on our progress after one year of existence.  This happened in December 2013 (after four terms of the amalgamated school), see the Ofsted report 2013.

We appointed a new Executive Headteacher in 2012 to lead the school and then restructured the previous three school teams in early 2013 to create one cohesive community of excellence in our school.   We knew that developing leadership and management of the school would then drive high quality teaching and learning.  This was core to the process of becoming an outstanding school.  It gives the Governors great pleasure to see how the executive leadership team led by Mrs Kershaw has delivered a ‘Good’ school by December 2013.  To have achieved this with an amalgamation of three schools in four terms is fantastic.  It also gives the Governors confidence that over the next year we shall be consolidating both progress and attainment for our children as we continue to develop in our work and practice.

The Governors are part of the leadership of the school.  Together with the professional executive team they have strategized, planned, monitored and supported every aspect of the school’s work.  This has happened through termly full governing body meetings and regular committee meetings.  Each Governor establishes an understanding of school management, curriculum and learning across Key Stage 1 and 2 through individual visits to meet staff and observe lessons and other activities.  They have also attended governance training sessions during the year.

Core Functions

We have two committees:  Children and Learning; Resources.

Each has a Terms of Reference statement.

The minutes of the Full Governing Body are available by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.

From time to time highly confidential matters are discussed and these happen in Part 2 of the agenda.

All Governors sign annually a Code of Conduct which can be viewed by clicking the link at the bottom of this page.

Effectiveness and Impact

The school has a ‘Raising Attainment Development Plan’ (RADP).  This is reported on to the Governing Body every term.

The Governance team constantly ask themselves how the work they are doing helps to develop the quality of learning and progress for the children.  They question the school on its priorities, targets and action plans contained in the RADP.  Then Governors will ask what impact have these actions achieved and how will any shortfall be corrected to achieve targets set.  A good example is the Maths teaching at the school.  The executive team had identified early in 2013 the need to strengthen the teaching of maths and outstanding teachers have been appointed to achieve this.  So any legacy of under achievement in this area is now stopped and 2014 will see real improvements for all children.

Read, Write Inc is another example.  When this was put forward by the executive team to achieve a strong literacy foundation for all children, the Governors agreed to the expenditure.  So many parents have confirmed this wise decision as we have seen good improvements for all children.

In 2014, the whole Governing Body will complete a workshop examining how effective they are in six areas of Governance:

  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
  • Evaluation of the school’s strengths and improvement priorities
  • Providing challenge and support to school leadership
  • Performance management/Teacher Appraisal as an improvement tool
  • Statutory compliance, Finances and engagement with all stakeholders
  • Pupil premium and narrowing the gap


The Governors are pleased to report to all parents, carers, friends and staff that 2014 has started to build on the excellent foundation laid during the past four terms.

If you are interested in becoming a Governor, please contact the Chair of Governors.

Governor minutes are available on request.