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Our Learning Environment

Our Learning Environment Curriculum and Learning Opportunities

Each of our Infant campuses has a Nursery setting which boasts attractive, colourful and well organised indoor bases and extensive outdoor provision. The children ‘free-flow’ between the indoors and outdoors to pursue their own learning and are encouraged to think for themselves and be creative. The Nursery has provision for learning through each of the 7 areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum with exciting play activities and resources available every day such as:

  • Sand and water trays and a large outdoor sand pit
  • A ‘Mud Pie’ kitchen
  • Number, shape and sorting games and activities
  • Climbing and large physical apparatus
  • A natural environment with grass, trees, shrubs and plenty of insects!
  • ‘Small World’ environments including railways, farms, castles, fantasy worlds and outer space
  • A wide selection of 2 and 3D art materials constantly available, including tools such as scissors, paintbrushes and hole punches
  • Roadways with ride in cars, tricycles and scooters
  • A variety of picture books, non-fiction ‘real life’ books and other reading materials
  • Selection of mark making and writing opportunities not only in a designated writing area but also throughout the setting  
  • Indoor and outdoor role play with changing foci, often initiated by the children
  • Exploration tables and areas with real objects and tools such as magnifying glasses
  • A range of small and large construction equipment
  • Access to technology through computers, CD players and cause and effect toys
  • Musical instruments and dancing
  • Access to a snack table for fruit and milk which is provided at no cost

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Click here to look at our Early Years Foundation Stage Policy.

Although the Nurseries are situated differently, the staff work very closely together to ensure that the provision and experience of the children is as similar as possible. The teachers meet weekly to plan and monitor learning experiences and have Nursery Year Group Leads to ensure continuity across the two campuses.  Our curriculum planning can be accessed here.


We enjoy having visitors to our Nursery who inspire and engage the children in wonderful experiences to enhance their learning. Examples of recent visitors include:

  • Camberley Firefighters and a fire engine
  • Mill Cottage Farm Experience who brought their farm animals to us
  • Rosemary Fryer - dramatic story teller
  • Surrey Heath’s recycling officer and Roary the Recycling Tiger
  • Paediatric Nurse from Frimley Park Hospital
  • Crocodile Encounters – real snakes, lizards and even a crocodile!
  • Camberley Community Police Officers and their car

See photographs here.