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Fit and Healthy Week

The Nursery children have been learning about keeping fit and healthy during this last week of the school year. They have had a variety of experiences including using the parachute, an obstacle course, the main school's large fixed apparatus and the running track. They have felt the effects of exercise on their bodies by feeling for their heart beat and noticing how their breath changes. We have talked about the importance of keeping safe in the sun and most children have remembered their sun hats and water bottles each day. They made a healthy fruit snack and were introduced to some more unusual fruits such as pineapple, melon, kiwi and mango.


Euan at The Orchard came back from his turn at using the track and made an amazing picture of him and his friends racing. He then drew and cut out his own 'Golden trophy' and wrote 'big win' on the reverse. Well done Euan and all the other children for such good sportsmanship!

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Farm Animals Come to School for the Day!

We were visited by Mill Cottage Farm Experience this half term and had an amazing time finding out about farm animals. We stroked the animals and were allowed to handle some of the small ones by ourselves. We learned to be quiet and gentle with the animals and used our senses as well as asking lots of questions to learn. The farmer brought a wide range of animals for us to see including chickens, ducks, sheep, goats, guinea pigs and rabbits. Our extra surprise was a donkey at Tall Trees and alpacas at The Orchard! 

How Does Your Garden Grow?

The Nursery have been busy planting and tending a variety of plants and seeds as part of their learning about growth and change.  The children planted cress seeds which grew incredibly quickly and they took them home to eat in a sandwich.  They have been planting up hanging baskets and tubs to make our outdoor environment look lovely and have taken great pride in watering them every day - even when it's raining!  The children have been using real garden tools and learning their correct names.  They've found out what a water butt is for, how it collects rain water and how it will run dry if the tap is left on!  They have observed and drawn plants and flowers and begun to learn some vocabulary such as petal and stem.

Police officers visit the Nursery

Local police officers visited all the Nursery children this half term as part of our topic 'Who are you going to call?'. The children have been learning about people from the community who help us, what they do and what equipment they need to do their jobs. We all had a great time trying on different police hats and coats, listening to the police radio and sitting in their car. The sirens were so loud we had to cover our ears! We might see PCSOs Lisa and Gavin around Camberley and will now be able to say hello. Some of us may want to be police officers when we grow up.



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