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Fit and Healthy Week

Nursery have had a fantastic week taking part in a variety of healthy activities. We have enjoyed learning how to race and took part in a mini sports day with our Mums and Dads watching. Everyone took part and we were cheered as we ran along. We brought our 'wheels' to school and had fun using them on the big playground. We've learned about healthy eating and made our own healthy sandwiches, choosing which shape we wanted. We finished the week eating them as part of a picnic with our friends.

Smile at a Crocodile

What an exciting day! Richard from 'Crocodile Encounters' came to visit Nursery and brought his reptile friends with him. We listened carefully to some information about each animal and were able to observe and touch each one. We needed to keep quiet and still so that the animals would not get upset and were amazed by what we saw. Richard showed us a bearded dragon, a corn snake, a blue tongued skink, a giant tortoise, a python and even a crocodile!


Don't forget to look at South Camberley Primary's Nursery Facebook site for more pictures 🐍

Bubble and Squeak

We have had fun using our senses to explore fruits, vegetables and herbs during the last few weeks. We have observed, felt and smelled all sorts of different vegetables and talked about what we like to eat and why. We even printed with them to see what patterns and textures we could make! Some of us 'cooked' with the seeds and vegetables in the mud kitchen which was great fun. Next we had the opportunity to taste a variety of different fruits and some of us made fruit kebabs. We've also enjoyed planting beans and watching them grow, and finding the seeds in the fruit we've been eating. We have been role playing 'Mr Bloom's Nursery' in the garden and decorated his hut with our own bunting made from pieces of fabric we brought into school.

Chirpy Chicks

We were very excited to have the 'Living Eggs' visit school. The children observed the incubator every few days to see what had changed. Each egg had a number - which would hatch first? We saw the chicks struggle to get to their feet and fluff up their feathers. Once they were big enough we were thrilled to be able to handle them and learned to be gentle. We drew pictures of the chicks and later decorated them as our Easter cards.

The Day a Dog Came to Nursery

As part of our topic 'Super Senses' the Hearing Dogs for the Deaf visited Nursery. Carole brought Clay the dog to see the children who were delighted to be able to stroke him. She told us all about the jobs he does to help her around the house and when she's out and about. We were all very impressed when he demonstrated how he alerted her to an alarm clock sounding.

World Book Day

We celebrated World Book Day by dressing up as book and nursery rhyme characters - even the staff! Can you guess who we were from the pictures? We had a traditional story competition running each day during the week where the children had to guess the story from some real objects such as a tin of magic beans and a cow.

It's Not Rubbish!

During this Spring half term we have been learning to take care of the environment and have found out about reusing and recycling rubbish. We were very pleased to be visited by Verity from Surrey Heath who talked to us about recycling and what happens to things we throw away. The highlight of the visit was when Roary the Recyling Tiger came to Nursery to thank us for recycling and gave us new bins. Some of our parents didn't believe that we'd had a tiger in the Nursery but we proved them wrong!

Merry Christmas!

Nursery had great fun joining in with Christmas traditions and took part in our Early Years Christmas play - The Nativity. We made cards and a post box, enjoyed opening an advent calendar each day and some of us did some Christmas cooking too. We ended the term with a traditional Christmas party with games and party food which everyone agreed was great fun.

Stories on Wheels

Rosemary and Rebecca from 'Stories on Wheels' came to visit us as a Christmas treat. We listened to a story 'Shh Father Christmas' and were transfixed by the puppets and props they brought. We thought the story was great fun and enjoyed joining in with some Christmas singing and dancing and using a 'Jingle Bell Ribbon'. Rosemary showed us how her wheelchair worked and we all laughed at how silly the horn was! We hope she gets a new one for next time we see her.

I Can See a Rainbow

The children explored and learned about a variety of colours and shapes thorough a range of activities both indoors and out. We mixed coloured paint, made prints in different ways and created collages and pictures. We read 'The Blue Balloon' and tried to blow up our own balloons which we played with in the garden. We released a helium balloon and speculated about where it would go. We looked for shapes and colours in the Nursery environment and had a challenge each week to find something at home too.

Windy Week!

Nursery joined in with the main school Science project 'Green Energy Day' and focussed on the wind. The Nursery children explored the wind and found out what people can use it for. We washed some baby clothes and hung them up on the washing line to find out what would make them dry. The wind blew them and the sun warmed them up. We used our fine motor skills to rub, squeeze and wring the clothes and manipulate pegs. We read some stories about the wind such as ‘The Wind Blew’, 'Mrs Mopple's Washing Line' and 'Titch'. We made our own pinwheels like Titch's and tried them out in the garden. We explored streamers and bubbles to find out what the wind did to them.

Fun Times with Nursery Rhymes!

Can you guess which Nursery Rhymes we've been learning by looking at our photos? We've been creating our own stars, fish and mice, watched a real egg smash, looked for spiders in the garden and have explored wool.


Did you know '... that experts in literacy and child development have discovered that if a child knows eight nursery rhymes by heart by the time they are four years old, they are usually among the best readers and spellers in their class by the time they are in Year 3? This is because they are an introduction to phonics, give children practice in pitch, volume as well as in language rhythm, expand your child’s imagination, follow a clear sequence of events, are easy to repeat so they become some of a child’s first sentences, improve a child’s vocabulary, are an early form of poetry and contain sophisticated literary devices!'


Welcome to our Nursery

The Nursery children have returned to school very happily and have started to make new friends with those who have just started. They are learning to share, take turns and help each other. The older children are enjoying being able to show their new friends what to do and where things are. Our new children are busy exploring the environment, and we're all especially enjoying some autumn sunshine as we do so much of our learning outdoors.