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Fit and Healthy Week

During the last week of term the Nursery children were invited to wear sports clothes and shoes to school every day and take part in a variety of physical development activities, including a 'Wheels Day' when we all brought our bikes and scooters in. We also had a day when Mums and Dads came and we followed a 'round robin' of activities followed by some traditional track races. It was a  fun day for all ending with a healthy snack with our families. 

The Big Picture

Nursery joined in with our whole school topic 'The Big Picture' in which every year group studied a famous painting or artist and developed the children's learning from it. The Nursery looked at 'A farm with a dead tree' by Van de Velde, which is a painting held at the National Gallery, London. We covered a poster of the picture with black paper and revealed small parts of it the week before the project and tried to guess what 'The BIG Picture' would be. We then attempted to paint our own version of it and thought of ideas such as making a collage from leaves, made our own pictures of animals and used our experience of real farm animals to talk about what was happening in the picture. We have role played a farm house tea shop and created a hide for observing birds. If you'd like to see the picture look at: See if you can find these things in the picture - the children did! 


Can you find ...

a nest

a cow pat

a broken branch

some ivy

a ‘pot’ type object on the roof - what is it?

some hairy pigs!

a pile of twigs

some purple flowers

a hole in the roof

Farm Animals Visit Nursery

Mill Cottage Farm Experience delighted us all with a range of small farm and pet animals when they visited in June. The children were able to handle the rabbits, guinea pigs and ducklings and took turns to give the goats and sheep a hair brush. The Orchard had visiting donkeys and Tall Trees saw some alpacas. Farmer Tom told us about the turkey and chickens too. We were allowed to stroke Sookey the dog and had a look in the trailer. We found out about what the animals eat and how to look after them. A great time was had by all despite the rain!


Let's Celebrate!

The Nursery children were amazed to find out that the Queen was 90 years old, but were very happy to help her celebrate. We made red, white and blue bunting to decorate the Nursery. We loved dressing up as royalty and wearing jewellery. We also had a great time playing traditional party and garden games, finishing off with an old fashioned street party at long tables in the garden. Happy Birthday Your Majesty!

Who Are You Going To Call?

We have been learning about the emergency services, what they do and who to call. We were lucky enough to be visited by the police, some nurses from Frimley Park Hospital and some local firefighters who taught us about their jobs. The police officer let us try on different sorts of helmets and the nurses taught us about the importance of washing our hands to keep healthy. However, we most enjoyed having a turn at using the firefighter's hose which was great fun; some of the staff had a go too! 


How Does Your Garden Grow?

We have been finding out about plants and growing at Nursery. We planted cress seeds and were amazed at how quickly they grew. We have been tending our planting areas outdoors whilst enjoying getting muddy and finding all sorts of creatures in the garden. We have enjoyed playing in our florist role play area and learning flower names. We made flower pictures for our Mums and surprised them with a flower card for Mother's Day. 

Chinese New Year

The Nursery celebrated Chinese New Year in a variety of different ways. The children used all their senses to try Chinese stir fry food and even had a go at manipulating chopsticks. Several children were actually very good at this but the staff found it a challenge! We played Chinese restaurants in role play where we learned to take turns and found out how to take an order to write down.We especially enjoyed counting out 'lucky money' and creating our own red packets to keep it in. We even had a go at Chinese writing using golden paint.

Busy Bodies

We have been exploring what our hands, feet and faces can do, and they can do lots! We mixed primary coloured paint with our hands and enjoyed getting messy. We had a great time using our wellies to make prints using paint too. We looked carefully at the patterns we made and could identify which ones were ours. We looked closely at our hands and were delighted to make photocopies of our palms so that we could see all the little lines and shapes on our skin. We learned about facial expressions and how to express our emotions using words.

'Stories on Wheels'

We were all very excited to host Rosemary Fryer again this year for a fun session of singing, puppets and a story on the theme of 'Shh, Father Christmas' by Debbie Gliori. Rosemary brought Boris the Bear and characters from the story to bring our learning to life. We joined in with the repetitive phrase, 'Shh, Father Christmas, you're going to wake the children' as she told the story of Christmas Eve. We enjoyed singing and dancing and were especially interested in passing around a very long length of ribbon with bells on to create a whole group musical instrument. Rosemary showed us her chair which moves backwards, forwards and around and her walking stick which grew like magic!

Christmas Celebrations

The Nursery had a great time joining in with Christmas celebrations in December. They dressed up and joined in with the Early Years production, 'Mary's Knitting',  and had their own traditional party with games, food and dancing. They tried to wrap presents bought in the role play Christmas Shop and created cards for their Mums and Dads. They had fun dressing up in Christmas outfits and listened to The Nativity story.

I can see a rainbow

We have been learning about and exploring colour this half term. The children have learned colour names, listened to colour themed stories, played games and explored colour in art. The children have been learning to take turns when playing a dice game, mixing coloured paint with their hands, creating their own collages with a variety of media and materials and printing with shapes. We explored balloons and ice after listening to 'The Blue Balloon', and counted down from 10 to let our helium balloon go outside - where do you think it may have gone? Everyone dressed up in the colour of the week each Friday as a celebration of their learning.

 Nursery at The Orchard

Here are some photos of the Nursery at The Orchard which has recently had some work done to make it look even more fantastic!

Work carried out includes a brand new floor, new blinds and a fresh lick of paint!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

Is it time for a rhyme?

The Nursery children have been busy learning Nursery rhymes this half term and exploring ideas around them. We've re-enacted Humpty's fall and speculated about how he could be put back together again, explored sparkly materials and mirrors when learning 'Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star' and created mice with different length tails during 'Hickery Dickory Dock' week. We've had lots of fun making fish, going on a spider hunt and finding out about sheep too  - can you guess which rhymes we were learning then?


Did you know ...

'... that experts in literacy and child development have discovered that if a child knows eight nursery rhymes by heart by the time they are four years old, they are usually among the best readers and spellers in their class by the time they are in Year 3? This is because they are an introduction to phonics, give children practice in pitch, volume as well as in language rhythm, expand your child’s imagination, follow a clear sequence of events, are easy to repeat so they become some of a child’s first sentences, improve a child’s vocabulary, are an early form of poetry and contain sophisticated literary devices!' 2011

Welcome to Nursery!

The Nursery children have settled in well and are exploring the environment both indoors and out. They've had fun getting to know each other and are learning to share and take turns. They are recognising their names and picking up on routines quickly. We are learning nursery rhymes this half term and the children are already in very good voice!