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Keep it Snappy!

The Nursery children had a wonderful day learning about reptiles and were even allowed to touch!  We had a great time and learned so much.  Some Mums and Dads couldn't quite believe we were having a real crocodile to Nursery, but as you can see it was true.

Bubble and Squeak

 Nursery have been exploring the natural environment and learning about planting, growing and healthy eating. The children had great fun finding out about different fruits, vegetables and herbs by using all their senses. They have made patterns and pictures by printing with fruit and vegetables and drawing what they could see. They have been very active in the garden, digging and planting and trying out a variety of tools. Each child brought in a piece of fabric which they wrote their initial on to contribute to some bunting made to decorate 'Mr Bloom's Nursery' outdoors. They enjoyed role playing in a vegetarian restaurant and a greengrocers and have been learning the names of lots of different types of herbs and how they might be used.

Chick, Chick, Chick, Chick, Chicken!

The children were thrilled to be able to watch the changes our visiting chicks went through over a period of a fortnight. They arrived as 'Living Eggs' and very soon began to peck their way out of their shells. Some children were very lucky and actually saw one chick hatch in front of their eyes! Over the next few days the chicks became stronger and were able to walk about and be taken out of the incubator. We talked about what had changed and what had stayed the same and started to learn some new vocabulary such as beak and claws. We enjoyed stroking the chicks and feeling their fluffy feathers. We had to be very quiet and gentle even though we were really excited! 

Hearing Dogs for the Deaf

The Nursery were thrilled to be visited by Hearing Dogs for the Deaf but were able to behave calmly and speak quietly when they came into our classrooms. Anne took Tiegan the poodle to Tall Trees and John and Tony visited The Orchard with Quasar. We learned all about how the dogs help people who can not hear by doing all sorts of jobs for them. We were allowed to stroke the dogs who behaved really well, and we found out about what life is like if you are unable to hear. Some children asked interesting questions about the dogs and the experience really enhanced our learning about the senses.

The Day a Tiger Came to Nursery!

Continuing on our theme of 'Through My Window' the Nursery had visitors to enhance their learning.


Postman Steve came to tell us all about what happens to a letter once you've posted it and how it gets to where you want it to go. He wore his uniform and brought his post bag which was very heavy. The children wrote letters and cards and role played Post Offices. Some children at The Orchard made a card or drew pictures which were posted to Tall Trees which was a lovely surprise. We tried to learn our addresses and found out about different types of homes.


We were also visited by Roary the Recycling Tiger and Verity Parker from Surrey Heath. Verity talked to us about recycling and helped us decide which things we could recycle. We learned about what happens to rubbish and how to reuse as much as possible. We role played using a recycling centre outdoors and now throw our fruit peelings and cores into a compost bin. Our biggest surprise was when Roary appeared to give us a recycling bin as a present and we all enjoyed giving him a hug!

It's Pizza Time


Our topic, 'Through My Window', has explored who might visit us at home to make deliveries. We have been learning about lots of different deliveries that can be made including pizzas. We have talked about how to place an order, how it is delivered and who by, plus how we pay and in what ways. The children made their own pizzas and used tools such as a rolling pin and knife. They chose their own toppings and some of them ate theirs at school whilst others took them home to share with their families. We talked about where pizzas were first made and had a role play pizza parlour set up, as well as information and pictures about Italy.

Thank you FOSC!

The Nursery were thrilled to be given a generous amount of money from FOSC this academic year and have enjoyed using our lovely new resources. The children had fun putting a climbing frame together and have found using it at it's different levels a challenge. They use the new threading and small world equipment with enthusiasm and are keen to access the new equipment independently.


Christmas Fun

The Nursery have been learning about all sorts of different aspects of Christmas. They have heard the Christmas story from the Bible and taken part in the EYFS Play 'The Nativity'. They dressed up as stars or angels, some made their own sparkly headdresses and all sang 'Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star' all on their own. They have been making Christmas decorations and cards, and have enjoyed playing in the role play Christmas shop; shopping and pretending to wrap up presents. Some children made a Christmas post box for their friends to post cards to each other. They also had fun watching a visiting theatre company's pantomime, 'Jack and the Beanstalk', joining in enthusiastically with the songs and clapping. We're getting excited about wearing our party clothes next week and having our own Christmas party to finish the term.   

Stories on Wheels

Rosemary Fryer from ‘Stories on Wheels’ came to tell the story ‘Mr Bear's New Baby’ to the Nursery children. Rosemary brought a special box with her and we could hear snoring! Who could it be? It was her friend Boris the Bear! The children listened well to Rosemary tell the story using soft toys and other props. They did some singing and movement too, and responded well to her questions.


Rosemary has a special chair which could move forwards, backwards and around which fascinated the children. We counted the wheels and talked about why she had the chair and why there were lights on the back of it.


We followed up the story later with a 'Bear's Cave' role play, other bear stories, songs and activities.

We Are All Friends in the Nursery!

The Nursery children have recently started attending for full sessions and are enjoying exploring their new surroundings. They are beginning to play alongside one another and enjoy each others company. They are starting to remember names and make friends. They are learning to take turns, share, and be kind and gentle both with their new friends and the resources around them. The children are using a wide range of activities and are learning both indoors and out. The following photographs show some of the activities they have been introduced to and are having lots of fun with.