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Music education is taken very seriously at South Camberley and is well supported by teachers, pupils and parents. We are lucky enough to have a specialist music teacher for every class in the junior campus and across many infant classes too. All pupils will experience music from other periods in time and cultures, will learn to sing exciting and fun songs and will be taught how to read simple musical notation in the hope that they will develop a love and appreciation of music generally. 


Our amazing choir has approximately 90 members ranging from Y3 up to Y6, boys and girls. We try to choose a variety of songs to suit everybody’s taste and each year we perform in either a local or national music festival. We also perform our pieces regularly to the school and parents, and for members of the wider community.

Surrey Arts tutors come to Redwood campus every week to teach an even wider range of instruments: Mr Walker teaches trumpet, Miss Hadingham teaches clarinet and Mr Harrison teaches guitar. If you are interested in any of the above, please contact the school office for further details or contact Surrey Arts directly.


Year 4 Lyric Writing

Year 4 have been busy writing their own lyrics based on Ancient Egyptians set to a very well-known tune. Can you spot which one? Listen to these clips and enjoy their hard work. The children had to match the syllables to the rhythm so that it all fitted together perfectly.