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Governor Terms of Office & Declarations of Interest 2015-16



Appointing Body

Term of office


Committee Membership

Declarations of Interest

Bryn Edwards Co-opted Governing Body 18/6/15-17/06/19 Finance Resources Interchange Solutions
Governor at Carwarden School
Governor at Farnborough College of Technology (Deputy Chair)
Crossroads Surrey Ltd
Susan Ferro Parent Parents 1/9/15-31/8/19 Safeguarding
Looked after children
Children & Learning   Diocese of Guildford Board of Education member
June Kershaw EHT Ex officio By virtue of office EHT All committees None declared
Gill Perkin Co-opted Governing Body 18/09/13-17/9/17 Data / Pupil Progress
FFT  /Raise online
Children & Learning Department of Education
St Mary's Church voluteer treasurer
Saif Rahman Co-opted Governing Body 26/11/15-25/11/19     None declared
John Rouse Co-opted Governing Body 27/3/13-26/2/17 Finance Resources   None declared

 David Allen
 LA Governing Body  18/6/15-17/6/19 IT/E-safety  Resources
Surrey Heath Borough Councillor
Clare Crossley Parent  Parents 1/09/12-31/8/16 Vice Chair, C&L
Pupil Voice/School Council
Children & Learning St Mary's Church
Hubble Community Project


Cindy Ferguson Co-opted Governing Body 24/12/12-31/08/16

Children's Centre


Children & Learning
None declared
Janet Ford Parent Parents 1/09/12-31/8/16   Children & Learning None declared
Kathy Gubbels Parent Parents 1/9/15-10/2016   Children & Learning None declared
Stuart McLellan Parent Parents 1/09/12-31/8/16   Resources PDC - BIG
Eric Pain
Co-opted Governing Body 1/09/12-31/8/16

Vice Chair of Governors
Interim Chair of C&L
SEN / Art 

Pupil Premium

Children & Learning Trustee of Camberley Family Contact Centre  


Corinne Batchelor Parent Parents 1/09/15-08/02/16 PSHE Children & Learning None declared
Ashley Gristock Staff Staff 1/11/13-02/02/16   Children & Learning None declared
David Leeper Co-opted Governing Body 24/10/12-31/03/16 Chair of Governors Resources
Children & Learning 
National Leader of Governance for NCTL
Chair, Board of Trustees, African Revival
Founding Member, Association of Coaching
Fellow, RSA
Chartered Fellow, Chartered Institute of Personnel & Dvpt
Oliver Sibley Co-opted Governing Body 1/8/13-23/01/16 PSHE Resources None declared