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Including Breakfast Club, After School Clubs, After School Care, INSET Day Camps and Holiday Camps


Please read the information carefully as we have made alterations to the booking system to make it easier to use.  We have also made changes to the pricing structure to provide greater flexibility at no extra cost.


Our extended school provision was launched in the Summer Term 2016.  Described as “an inspiration” by Michael Gove (Surrey Heath MP and former Secretary of State for Education), we are able to offer care provision from 7.30am to 5.30pm during term time and holidays.  While being owned by the school, it was managed in partnership with SCL.  This guarantees high quality provision while maintaining our school’s ethos and values.

Bookings are now available for the Autumn Term 2016 on School Gateway.

  • Breakfast Club – 7.30-8.50am
  • Breakfast Activities – 8.15-8.50am
  • After School Clubs – for one hour at the end of school
  • After School Care – from the end of school to 5.30pm

We are delighted that we will be running over fifty clubs each week across the school.  The online bookings are for the Breakfast and After School services.  Lunchtime clubs, which will be free, will be established during the first few weeks of the auutmn term and will be managed internally.

Breakfast Club, Breakfast Activities and After School Care – Bookings can be made for an entire year in advance or on an ad hoc basis.  Online bookings close the day before care is required.  Bookings on the day can be made by contacting the school office.  Payment can be spread across the term using the SchoolComms/Gateway ‘Book Now Pay Later’ option.  Please ensure your account is in credit when necessary.

After School Clubs – Bookings are for the entire term with a commitment to attend every week.  It must be paid for in full by the end of term.  Bookings for the following term will only be accepted once the previous term’s bill has been paid in full.  This is to ensure that your child attends for the whole term and that payment is made. 

As places at clubs are limited, and staffing is set to accommodate the number of pupils, refunds for non-attendance at clubs will only be given in exceptional circumstances. 



The School Gateway system requires bookings to be made prior to paying.  Unfortunately, due to limitations of the system, payments can be made without a booking at the checkout.  In these cases, we might not be able to honour the place.  Please book before paying.


Spanish Club at Redwood

We have retained the services of Penny Hardcastle, from Perfecto Spanish.  Bookings for this will be managed by Penny and information regarding this can be obtained from Redwood Campus office.


INSET Days and Holiday Camps

In partnership with SCL, we run football and multi-activity camps during holidays and inset days.  The timings of these camps roughly match the school day.  The main part of the day is from 9am to 3pm, with extended services available from 7.30am to 5.30pm.  Details will follow throughout the year.

If you have any queries regarding this service, please contact SCL as they are providing the administrative support service.  They can be contacted by email at