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Family Learning

Family Learning

Family Learning sessions offer parents, grandparents and children the opportunity to learn together to acquire new skills as well as a chance to share ideas with other parents. The sessions include a trip to Camberley Library.

The Family Learning Project has proved very successful for both parents and children. Parents gain an understanding of how schools work, and how literacy and numeracy are taught. The courses help to break down some of the fears that some parents may have about schools and help to forge working partnerships between parents, child and school.

We are extremely proud of the full programme of Family Learning opportunities we provide at Redwood Campus. The programme aims to encourage parents to engage with their child’s learning and makes sure they are equipped with the methods and techniques needed to support learning.

We welcome new parents.

For more details please contact Mrs A Narayanan by telephoning 01276 63870.



Our Family Learning session on 4th March 2014 was based on healthy eating and importance of exercise for healthy living.

We had a wonderful session of PE activities run by a qualified PE instructor. Our girls team was called 'Power Girls' whilst the boys chose ‘Fighter Superman' as their name. It was a very tough competition between the two teams but in the end the boys team eventually won.

The parents were able to participate in the activities with their children and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the session.

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On 13th May 2014 we celebrated another successful completion of our Family Learning Club (fun with learning English).


June Kershaw, Executive Headteacher, awarded certificates to the parents and children who successfully completed this course. Parents discussed their experience of learning and working with their children to help with their own learning.


Parents also got the chance to share their views about the course with June Kershaw.