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Extended Provision Letter 16 March

16th March 2016

Dear Parents


We are delighted to announce that our new extended school provision is taking shape and staffing has been finalised.  Our new Head of PE and Extended School is Chris Neate, and our other PE teacher is Jay Warden.  Mr Warden will already be known to some of our pupils through the Dodgeball Club at Redwood.  The After School Care provision at The Orchard and Redwood will be managed by Maria Toye, along with Penny Harwood and Charlotte Quinlan.


We are now in a position to be able to open up the booking system for our extended school provision, which will be managed through Schoolcomms/Gateway.  This includes:


  • Breakfast Club – 7.30-8.50am (separate campuses)
  • Breakfast Activities – 8.15-8.50am (separate campuses)
  • After School Clubs – for one hour at the end of school (separate campuses)
  • After School Care (for Redwood and The Orchard, with CAPSARS continuing to run at Tall Trees during the summer term) – from the end of school to 5.30pm.  Walking bus from The Orchard to Redwood at 4.05pm.


We are delighted to confirm that we will be running over fifty clubs each week across the school.  The bookings available are for the Breakfast and After School services.  Lunchtime clubs, which will be free, will be established during the first few weeks of next term and will be managed internally.


Breakfast Club, Breakfast Activities and After School Care – Bookings can be made for an entire term in advance or on an ad hoc basis.  Online bookings close the day before care is required.  Bookings on the day can be made by contacting the admin team.  Payment can be spread across the term using the SchoolComms/Gateway ‘Book Now Pay Later’ option.  Please ensure your account is in credit when necessary.


After School Clubs – Bookings are for the entire summer term with a commitment to attend every week.  It must be paid for in full by 10th April 2016.  This is to ensure that your child attends for the whole term and that payment is made.  Due to the current setup on the booking system, it is necessary to select all dates.


We are aware that many of the children in Year 6 will be on residential for one week during the Summer Term.  While it is necessary to select all dates, children on the residential trip can deselect the dates for that week (16th-20th May). 


Failure to make payments by this time may result in your child losing their place at the club and restrictions on bookings for clubs the following term.  In exceptional circumstances, we will allow families to spread the cost of payment over the term or to have support with the costs.  Please speak to a Head of Campus if you would like to discuss this.





Paper Bookings

We have endeavoured to make the booking system as fair as possible.  To support this, we request that you book online if you are able to.  We will be reserving some spaces at each Breakfast Activity and After School Club for paper bookings but these are reserved for exceptional reasons, e.g. no internet access at home or a pupil premium funding request.  Paper booking requests will not guarantee a place as there are limited spaces reserved for them.  Paper booking forms are available from campus offices.


As places at clubs are limited, and staffing is set to accommodate the number of pupils, refunds for non-attendance at clubs will only be given in exceptional circumstances.


Cookery Club and Arts & Crafts Club at Redwood

Due to the existence of waiting lists for these clubs, we will be contacting families individually for these clubs and managing the booking system separately.


Spanish Club at Redwood

We have retained the services of Penny Hardcastle to deliver her Perfecto Spanish club on Thursday lunchtimes.  Bookings for this will be managed by Penny and information regarding this will be sent out separately.


Priority Booking

In order to provide continuity of service, we are providing a priority booking service for current users of Breakfast Club and After School Care.  This will be done on a termly basis.  Bookings for this will start at approximately 7pm on Wednesday 16th March.  Paper bookings will end on Friday 18th March at 10am, while priority online bookings will end at midnight at the end of Sunday 20th March.


Standard Booking

Bookings for the rest of the school will begin at approximately 7pm on Monday 21st March.  Paper bookings will end on Wednesday 23rd March at 10am, while online bookings will end at midnight at the end of Sunday 3rd April.


If you have any queries regarding this service, please contact SCL as they are providing the administrative support service.  They can be contacted by email at


While we trust that this process will run smoothly, please appreciate that it is very challenging to anticipate demand and foresee all eventualities.  Please come and speak to myself or June Kershaw personally if you have any suggestions as to how we can improve this system.


Details regarding the INSET Day and Holiday Camps will come out during the course of next term.  In the meantime, we are all very excited about the future of our school.


Kind regards

Phil Austen-Jones,

Deputy Executive Headteacher