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Information for 2016 - 2017:

Questions and Answers


Can my childcare vouchers be used to pay for school dinners?  No, childcare vouchers can only be used for child care.


If a child needs the full 3:15-5:30pm after school care session and they can't get booked into that evening's clubs, what do they do from 3:15 to 4:15pm?  Under the After School Care choice, each day there should be an option for 3:15-5:30pm and 4:15-5:30pm.  This then allows each child to choose whether to do a club or go to the After School Care team at 3:15pm.


How do we 'unbook' a session booked by mistake?  There is no way for parents to 'unbook' a session. This is to prevent parents from block booking and then cancelling later.  However, the admin team have the capability to 'unbook' sessions.  They can be contacted by email at


What needs to be paid in advance?  Also, what happens if we don't have enough Childcare Vouchers to pay for a whole term in advance?  We are encouraging everyone to pay as early as possible, especially for clubs, and would like to maintain positive balances for the Care services. Just top up the balances as regularly as you can (once a month is fine).  Hopefully the majority of parents will be able to do this in advance but, if this is not the case, just let us know the payments will be in arrears.  This information can be kept on file so that you don't need to inform us on a termly basis.


Why is the charge for cookery club £4 when you stated at the open evening that all activities would cost £3?  Unfortunately, we have discovered that the cost of running the cookery clubs is higher than expected.


Which day/days will cookery club run at Redwood Campus?  Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.


If my child does not want to attend the sport or other activity club for the first hour, can he/she attend the standard after school care?  The 'standard after school care' will be taking place at the same time as the sports/other activity, so there will be a choice.

Will the children be provided with a snack and if so what will this be?  Snacks will be similar to those currently provided.  We will survey next term to see if there is a desire for an alternative choice.

Consistency in staffing  -  We have guaranteed consistency in staffing through our contract with SCL.  Each member of SCL staff has a minimum term of 12 months at South Camberley Primary and Nursery School, unless we agree or request a redeployment.  All staff provided by SCL will be vetted / interviewed by ourselves to ensure high standards.

Clubs and holiday camp information for 2015 - 2016: